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Abundant Life Palliative Care, Victoria Hospital

Alphen Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa


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Dr Clint Cupido MBChB (UCT) FCP (SA)

Director of Abundant Life


Dr Clint Cupido was born in Wynberg and has returned to his roots to change our community hospital. Dr Cupido was the Head of Victoria Hospital Department of Medicine. He stepped down to persue his passion, Abundant Life Palliative Care, making Palliative Care standard part of Medical Care at Victoria Hospital. This approach has resulted in improved quality of care at Victoria. 


This approach of "Infusion of Palliative Care" has been acknowledged by the Western Cape Department of health. 


A dedicated clinician, lecturer, manager and leader he has made palliative care a community project.


He is also married to Samiega and has two boys Yaseen and Rayyan.

Experience has taught him that family and self-care is important.

Dr Roslyn Doyle

General Physician


Awarded the Abundant Life Palliative Care Humanitarian award for a doctor in 2014, this lady is amazing. Dr Doyle is an Australian GP who came to South Africa because her husband came to Lecture in Cape Town. She has been to ALPC 4 times to volunteer, 6 months at a time. We applaud her commitment, compassion, philanthropy in donating her time, money and self to our people of Cape Town.

Sister Elizabeth Pitout

Coordinator and palliative care nurse


Sister Elizabeth Pitout has been with Abundant Life since January 2010 and has completed her palliative Medicine training through Foundation for Professional Development and St Luke's Hospice in December 2011. She has learned and trained on the job and now finds herself heading an extremely committed team.  Her compassion and professionalism has resulted in Palliative Medicine penetrating the hospital at all levels. This achievement was not without sweat and tears.

Elizabeth Pitout is Abundant Life.  Our patients call her their "Angel of Life"


In 2014 she was awarded the ALPC Humanitarian Award for Nursing.

In May 2014 the received the May LEAD South Africa award of excellence.

In November 2014 she presented her work in New York at the International Primary Palliative Care Research Group meeting.

Kathy Booysen

Administrative Manager 


This mature volunteer started in 2014 and offered her time to help ALPC in its development. Soon she was revolutionising our Charity Shop, organizing our Group Sessions, Arranging transport for patients, providing support to Dr Cupido and Sr Pitout that allowed growth in the service.


WE are proud that she is now a full-time member of the team.


Soon to head up the volunteer program.


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