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The Story of Abundant Life Continued

Year 3 

Our child now becoming a toddler and developing a character of her own. Still however a sickly child, as we struggle to ensure that her necessary needs are met. Sr Pitout and I are met with a very interesting gesture from Living Hope Hospce. They have a visitor coming but have no place for her to work. How would AL feel about a new Aunty?


Dr Roslyn Doyle a GP from Australia arrived in Jan 2011 and came to volunteer in AL. Wow where in the world would we find this kindness. But God Sent this wonderful person volunteered for 6 months and helped us keep our baby alive and well. Aunt Ros was awesome for AL but relationships are strange things. So new Aunt did not think that we were looking after AL properly, She could not understand Africa. She kept saying TIA. 

THIS IS AFRICA. But she made the world of difference in AL's life. 


Joy Hunter volunteered as our Counsellor and she to was an Aunt but less present and still very supportive. 


Our Santa who provided sandwiches for every support group meeting. Kept telling us that AL is growing and kept telling us the Star Fish story. 


"You cannot save all the star fish washed up on the beach, but throwing one back at a time, MAKES a difference for THAT ONE." 


AL is making a difference to many people and one at a time. 


She is wonderful this little girl slowly developing and special to the individual people and families she helps. 

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