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We have our heart in the right place.


As healthcare providers we need to focus on the physical side of health. We have a professional, evidence based approach to our care. The physical involves first ensuring the correct DIAGNOSIS. Once confirmed then the STAGING and ASSESSMENT OF THE SEVERITY needs to be done. This approach improves physical care as we drive doctors to make the best assessment BEFORE REFERRING for Palliaitve Care.


Psychological care is so neglected in general.


When receiving a diagnosis which is life threatening clearly the PSYCHOLOGICAL impact is very significant. Whether you are old or young this is important.  Doctors are often so busy that we "do not find the time". Abundant Life Palliative Care will find the time as our team of Counsellor and Psychologist provide support in different ways. But the entire TEAM is aware of this part of CARE. Our GROUP SESSIONS also provide the psychological support that healthcare professionals struggle to do in our overburdened health system in South Africa.

The light of the world lies within each and everyone of us.


Its not something out there but the "Patient is that light in their world" SPIRITUALITY is not religion... Disease is blind, deaf, and devoid of judgement, racism and does not distinguish between young or old, colour, religion, race, creed, nationality. So too Abundant Life Palliative Care accepts all as they are and will care for the "Light" inside our patients. Spirituality is how our patient sees themselves and we respect their choices. We care for them as they request. We encourage patients to prepare for the "SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF LIFE, DEATH" So what do you pack in for this journey?

Who are our patients?


A mother who lights up the lives of her children, A father who lights up the life of his family, A child, A Granparent, A member of  family, who comes from a community and belongs in our society. The social responsibility that we all have towards each other is profound. Holistic care requires us to ensure that plans get made for the future as those left behind are still Living Life in Abundance. Our fantastic Social Workers and our community of Palliative Care supports not only the patient, their family and us the carers as well.


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