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Abundant Life Palliative Care is NOT an NGO or PBO. We are a service that has developed within the department of medicine at Victoria Hospital Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa.  We are not registered as an organization at all. We are based inside Victoria Hospital, we have NO beds of our own. We are integrated into the hospital and provide palliative care services to the hospital and support the nurses and doctors in developing CARE PLANS for patients. 

Palliative Care was not provided as normal care and because we introduced something different and new, we felt that it needed a name, a mission, a logo and an identity. Being an INNOVATIVE PROJECT we had to prove to the DOH Department of Health that this was needed, would be effective, would improve care and be cost effective. 

In 2016 progress was made and a National Policy was developed. In 2017 the National Policy for Palliative Care was adopted and provincial policy was developed and we now have a Task Team. Palliative Care is NOW a priority and ALPC has been part of this process. 

New and innovative programs always need funding and we have an Amazing Victoria Hospital Facility Board which is a constituted body under the Department of Health which is a PBO/NGO. The Facility Board manages all financial concerns related to ALPC. 

Abundant Life Palliative Care Logo
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