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So our toddler grew up and in this year we enrolled in primary school. Education plays a major role in Palliative Care. This was the year of teaching in the hospital. WE started doing more research and we did the IMPAQT study. Implementation of Palliative Care through Audit and Quality Training. We trained over 20 nurses in basic palliative care and tried the doctors. The Doctors were to busy, difficult to get to the lectures and we did poorly. 

This now meant more staff were aware of Palliative Care.

We also grew some more. We managed to get a dedicated Palliative Care Office with storage room, a reception area and this was amazing growth. We could start a charity shop, we could store wheelchairs, etc.

Partnerships grew as well. The Rotary club of Claremont came on board and were incredible. We got equipment  such as 100 Wheelchairs, commodes, egg ox mattresses, urinals, bedpans, all of which enabled us to empower families to care for their loved ones. 

We were blessed with a new 10 seater vehicle. 

The gifts for our little GEM were coming in. She became a loving child that touched many souls and her impact on others resulted in them supporting her. 

Her Growth was phenomenal.

Support for the team caring for Abundant Life PC was feeling more loved and supported. WE STARTED COPING BETTER.

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