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2013 we had some good counselling and psychological support. Dr C and Sr Liz were lucky that as always Dr Doyle arrived and gave us time to rest, rethink our strategy. A new approach and suddenly our toddler was eating well, growing strong and getting the nutrition she deserved. Support from hospital management and community. 2013 was our most successful year. 

2014 saw our toddler off to pre-school and what a momentous occasion. Who would have thought that such an ill baby would survive all of this. As parents grow themselves we also learn to cope better, we mature, we develop thicker skins and so we too became stronger. Watching Abundant Life grow was now becoming a pleasure and no longer a daily struggle. Like all children of this age, she still got into trouble, pulled someone's hair, refused to do things and threw the odd tantrum. If she did not do this then she would not be human!

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