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Our Story Continues

Rebecca Lazarus was a qualified Social Worker and had heard about Abundant Life via the internet. Or as she puts it "I found you on Google". We desperately needed a Social Worker for AL but also for the Victoria Hospital. One full time Social Worker for the entire Victoria Hospital was inadequate as our patient population was in dire need of Social Services and the input of a Social Worker. The question was simple, "How would we be able to pay this young lady?" 


As usual AL needed to grow in a new dimension and as children are developing and able to learn more at a young age we pushed her to another level. 

So we managed to employ Rebecca with a stipend and meanwhile try to raise more funds to ensure that we persist. 


At the same time Joy Hunter who had been volunteering a s a counsellor was as keen to join the team more full time, but again "How do we pay her?" 


Stipends are a form of paying people, without calling it a salary but essentially paying for a valuable service at a ridiculously low rate. 


Clearly this toddler was not fit for this trip. Again struck by another illness AL became drastically ill. Financial ruin set in as we were not capable of raising the funds to pay for these wonderful ladies. This set us back and led to another visit to the ICU. And so Dr Cupido took another visit to the Burnt out Zone. AL  has so much impact on Liz and Clint that We again think "Let's give up on her". But a parent never gives up their child in a normal, reasonable world.

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