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Our honey moon years. When school is going well, kids are playing sports and life is good. Nothing seems to be the problem. The Provincial Palliative Care Task Team for the Western Cape is formed. ALPC is playing a role but the process is headed by Juanita Arendse. The South African Palliative Care Policy is finally released and it stipulates, why, how, when and what funding must be provided. A comprehensive Document that has all Palliative Care champions excited. 2018 sees us invited to the Annual World Hospice Palliative Care events and we are no longer hosting our own event. 




Fundraising gets put on the back burner because we can see the light. But is the light the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train ?

We excited in the developments in Training, in advocacy. Our First Provinical Budget for PC is drawn up. 

Palliative Care is finally looking like it could be a department or service provided by the National Department of Health. 

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